Google’s recent changes in 2019 has taken many digital agencies and customers by surprise, its not like this kind of news is being openly published anywhere obvious so we like to tell people about it.

1. Manual payments no longer available for new Google Ads accounts for South Africa.

See Google’s article explaining a recent change to new ads accounts now not allowed to opt for manual payments (“top up and pay as you go”)

Read more about this here.

2. Google now deducts 15% vat of Google Ads top ups into your advertising budget.

A new change to vat legislation has taken many customers by surprise.

Read more about vat changes here.

3. Google may take more money from your daily budget even though you don’t want them to spend more than your daily budget!!!

If you have a daily budget of R100 per day and want to spend R100 per day for 30 days, you had better read this because your ads could stop showing within less than 15 days due to Google’s overdelivery policy. A Nasty Surprise for those with a small budget!

WE HAVE A SOLUTION! It pays to get an agency to run your Google Ads so you don’t get caught in a trap and end up not getting it right.

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