3 Reasons from a digital perspective on why businesses fail.

1. Failure to spend your marketing budget wisely.

Where do you spend your marketing budget?

The money you spend to generate sales needs to be spent wisely. Where are you spending your marketing budget.

Stop spending your marketing budget on old traditional forms of advertising that don’t produce measurable results. Companies keep investing or should I say wasting money on flyer drops, newspaper adverts, magazine half, full or double page adverts only to never find out how many people are actually reading their adverts. On top of that it is ridiculously expensive.

Just imagine for a moment how many people you could have visit your Website to view full information on your product / service for a fraction of the cost that you would have spent on traditional advertising. If only you had rather just spent one tenth of that wasted money on Google Ads Pay Per Click advertising. You could have had dozens or even hundreds of potential clients visit your website per day for a fraction of the cost ! Your results would be measurable and your website if se